Women vs. the Internet Trolls: A Reading List


I am the exception, not the rule; I am lucky. The writing I produce garners little to no (negative) attention. When it does, people usually correct my grammar or spelling. This is okay with me, because it’s constructive. To my knowledge, no one has called me ugly, or stupid, or any number of cruel epithets or slurs. This is privilege; I am lucky. But I am scared to put my name to controversial opinions, or to voice my own opinion at all. My tweets are innocuous quips or retweets of people far more articulate than I am. I hide behind other people’s words.

I scan Roxane Gay’s Twitter feed about once a day; she is one of my favorite writers. I don’t want to miss a thing. I know she must be exhausted from engaging with trolls, but she’s logical and courteous. She says, “God bless you” or “Live in the…

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Friends is most important in the world if you don’t a friend you will be lonely and depressed thinking that no one want to talk to you plus people or your classmates will laugh at you don’t have a friend and people will spread this peace of news to others that people hate you and tell tell other people to no be friend with you so if you don’t a friend you will in the end will be depressed and lonely wanting to kill yourself but some people will still think of their parents so they ignore this but if the person keep threatening you, you will start to be mentally controlled wrongly that means when people says bad things about you, you will feel hurt and

it will effect your brain and the brain will change shape or hit the brain and you will starting to scared people…….  If you one have this kind of problem do not be like this story still don’t have a friend or else you will have a illness and it is uncured.
Way to get a friend
– be brave talk about your day
– be confident and be polite and. kind to the person
– be nice and talk nicely when talking don’t make the conversation awkward
– if the person need help just do what you can do to help him / her
– be friendly not to be rude can tell a joke
– be funny if they still don’t be so friendly to you
– if any not works you have to find other person that means that person hate you

Everyone or animal need a friend example a fox also need friends for celebrating or help friends is one of the most important in world  Everyone in the world have good friends.  Don’t not go to bad company If you like them to be your friend then don’t be close to the person that is bad company.  Be friendly with good company they will help you to be good and in your studies.
(what is different between good to bad company )
It is different on studying and they will teach you bad thing like example smoke do not be friend to that person but if the person is kind and last time the person is bad that mean the person turn over a new leaf you can be friend with them.  Good company help you on your studies and attitude and behavior.

Respect your friends privacy, if your friend tells you a secret do not tell other person

Okay that it’s for this post
Thanks and hope you see this will understand if don’t understand just think that it is about friend and you must to have a friend 🙂 if not your life will be useless and lonely with no friends http://friends.com

Green tea

Green is made out of real green tea leaves it is also my favorite drink as I like it so much it is healthy by the way and it is nice the first time I try I don’t like it but when I always drink it I get addicted to green tea as it is nice
When I try it first I drink it and thought that it is a hot drink but it is not and plus it can be in refrigerator and freezer you can make cube of green tea
I don’t recommend to eat with spicy food I tried spicy food n it is no work when drink green tea

Green tea

Green is made out of real green tea leaves it is also my favorite drink as I like it so much it is healthy by the way and it is nice the first time I try I don’t like.
My friend don’t like green tea then he drink I few times in he get addicted on it. My other friend drink she is like OMG nice. My friend mother says like nice so my friend drink a few time also then he like addicted

Hack it

It is now 12 41 am and I am bored so I am going to write about hacks it is all with things that you can unlock when it is lock or when like example you are going out and forget to bring your umbrella so you take paper to cover this is hack too if you all did not know
I am going to write with fruit hack..This is what I learned actually so ya
-if you are eating Duran and you are eating with your hands and you hate the smell..  This is a way to get rid of the smell it is to take the seed and rub against your hand while washing this will rub the smell away don’t rub on the white part. You have to rub against the brown. This will have less smell on hand 🙂
-if you want to cut a strawberry use a straw.. It is easier just push the straw at the bottom of the strawberry it will push up and it will remove the leaves
-cutting a watermelon.  First cut into half and then the half piece cut into eight parts
-how to take out the flesh of the mango. First you take a cup and take a half mango and then rub against the cup it is easily removed.
-are you cutting cherry tomatoes one by one don’t do that,  that is a waste of time . Take some of  the cherry tomatoes and put at a flat plat or can put at the bottom plate and put another plate up and cut this is much easier
-cuting kiwi. First you cut the bottom so that you can squeeze in the spoon and scoop the spoon around the kiwi and it will easily come out
Okay that is all for today but if you want to find more of it you can search click network hack it episode 2 http://www.clicknetworktv.com I hope you can understand this……  Thank you for reading 🙂